Dolpo Trek

Dolpo Trek

The region is one of the rain shadow areas and is a high-altitude desert, strongly reminiscent of Tibet. The track is through a variety of landscapes, ranging from green pastures as same as the European Alps and its barren landscapes. Depend on the timeframe, difficulty, and interest; there are 8-30 days itineraries available for Dolpo trekking.
In Tibetan language Dolpo means hidden country, Tolbo was permuted in to Dolpo and people inhabitants in Upper Dolpo region is called Dolpo Pa.
The Dolpo region brings you into the hidden areas wherever medieval Buddhist monasteries, interlacing with Bon culture influences, are still crucial in the way of life. It is the rain shadow area that lies behind the Himalayas.
According to legend, a long time ago, a yogi/lama named Drutob Senge Yeshe arrived in Shey on the back of a flying leopard. After defeating the demons who lived in these places, he built a “crystal mountain” through meditation. The pligrims come to do cora of holy crystal mountain, which lies at one famous village Shey Gompa (4330m). We can see lots of buddhists monuments Chorten, Manies, prayer wheel, flotting prayers flages, typical tibetain houses etc.
It contains the magnificent Himalayan range, high passes, and barren landscapes. Hence, it is the trans-Himalayan desert, a part of the Tibetan plateau, called Bio-Hyul in local dialects.

It hosts an ancient monastery and the region where the Oscar nominated movie “Himalaya” was shoot. And we can see the world-renowned 8000-meters mountain Dhaulagiri and Annapurna by entering in Mustang region, Dolpo peak, Kanjirowa Himal, Mt. Putha Hiuchuli peak, Churen Himal, Guraj Himal, Kobabaon peak and Serku Dolma Himal etc. 

Trekking in Dolpo
Dolpo region trekking is not popular as the Everest and Annapurna region, but it has its own characteristics with arid and barren landscapes, Bon and Buddhism remnants, highest altitude human settlements, sculpted gorges and canyons, sacred mountains and lakes, diversified culture, and nature.

Dolpo region trekking is a remarkable journey of Nepal, which caters you a different worldly experience. A long-isolated region and culturally Tibetan region is also known as the ‘Tibet outside the Tibet’. The rugged, stark and beautiful region is land marked by 5000m plus high passes getting one village to another.


Dolpo Trek
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