Ultimate Trek Packing Checklist

Ultimate Trek Packing Checklist

Ultimate Trek Packing Checklist
Trek Packing Checklist - Easy Summit Trek
Here’s the most important list of packing checklist for any Treks around the world.

You can customize or update it based on the duration, weather and accessibility.

Here’s the only Trek Packing Checklist you’ll need.
1. Day Sack/Bag (Small: 21L – 35L, Large 40 – 60L)
2. Rain Cover for Bag
3. Duffel Bag (No Wheels or Rigid Frames)
4. Fleece Pants
5. Fleece/Wool Gloves
6. FleeceWool Hats
7. Fleece/ Sweater or Jacket
8. Headlamp with powerful (good quality) batteries
9. Trekking Shoes
10. Pants/Trousers for Trekking (Convertible,Fast Dry and Light weight)
11. Trekking Socks (Wool of Synthetic)
12. Insulated Jacket
13. Full Sleeve Shirts (Synthetic and Light Weight)
14. Rain Coat/Jacket (Waterproof, Lightweight, Breathable and with Hoods)
15. Rain Pants (Lightweight, Waterproof and Breathable)
16. Sleeping Bag (1° – 4°, Lightweight and Compressible)
17. Polarized Sunglasses
18. Sun Block Cream and Lip Balm
19. Sun Hat
20. Water Bottle (Wide-Mouth Vacuum Water Bottle and a Camelbak)
21. Trekking Poles
22. Chocolate Bars and Drinks
23. Toiletries (Toothpaste,Toothbrush, Hand Sanitizer, Wipes (Dry and Wet), Shower Gel, )
24. Personal Medical Kit
25. Powerbank
26. Electrical Adapter Plug

Passport (Photocopies as well)
Airline/Bus Tickets
Tims (Guide keeps it)
Permit (Guide Keeps it)

Other Recommended Things
Casual Clothes for City Areas (Lightweight and easily washable)
Casual Shoes to explore city areas like Kathmandu
Camera and Accessories

Ultimate Trek Packing Checklist